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Community food projects
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Do you want to create a thriving community project bringing people together to grow and share nutritious food and learn new skills? Community food projects are a lot more than just growing food - that’s just a delicious bonus!
Do you have a food-related project that you want to run in your local community? Let us help you to plan it and get it off the ground. We have worked with a wide range of community groups managing small food initiatives as well as much larger projects. We can help you to establish and run food growing schemes, community cafes, food banks and cooking clubs or project manage long term initiatives. Sow the City can provide professional advice on business planning, funding, finance, marketing and evaluating projects. We help to engage people with the project through consultation sessions and interactive events. We have established partnerships with groups in the public, private and voluntary sectors that can help to improve the success of your project.
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fresh produce harvested from bangladeshi women's centre community garden in longsight
Marita Moore, Trainer, Heads Up Project.
One barrier my clients face is that they often have little money, so beingable to grow their own food is a great way to overcome this. The work youdo is fantastic and compliments mywork perfectly.
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