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girl and boy in community garden picking strawberries
Isabel Howard, Miles Platting Regeneration Officer, Adactus Housing
Sow the City gave our residents, who were involved in the Chippenham Road Community Garden, the skills and expertise to feel confident in starting to grow their own produce.
We believe that everyone should have access to a garden where they can grow and eat their own produce. What other public service can bring people together, and provide educational opportunities, physical activity, stress reduction and locally sourced fresh food?
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   Sow the City has helped in the creation and restoration    of more than 100 community gardens in and around    Manchester. We work with community groups, local    authorities and housing providers to develop a project    from vacant plot to thriving community garden project. Sow the City will consult with your community group  to determine which garden project works for them. We can then help to establish any necessary group structures and constitutions. Soil tests and vegetation surveys determine what will grow best on your site and we can create a site plan so that you know what will be planted where. Sow the City have experience in addressing legal issues such as land leases and health and safety procedures. We will help to spread the word and promote your project to the wider community. We will monitor and evaluate the progress of your project so that you can keep track of your successes and where you could improve.
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