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   Encouraging people to grow their own food and get    involved in a community garden is one of the best ways    to promote healthy eating, improve wellbeing, and to get    people outside in nature. We can help to initiate and develop your community garden, transforming unused land into thriving community resource. We offer accredited food growing and cooking workshops that help people to save money, eat healthily and make positive environmental changes. Our friendly and approachable staff are experienced at working with a wide range of groups including children, refugees and asylum seekers, older people, and patients with mental ill health. Sow the City develop fun and engaging community events that can help to promote your projects. We have a proven track record of securing funding and developing sustainable financial models with less reliance on grant funding.
growing manchester event group pose for photo in community garden
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As a VCSE organisation, gardening and food growing programmes are a great way to engage with a wide range of ages and groups, and can be used to support your existing activities.
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Tenant, Growing Communities Programme
It’s excellent for saving money; evenlettuces are around a pound in the shops. The kit has encouraged meto grow other things and given me confidence.
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