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The root of happiness? Sow the City is delivering a variety of workshops from growing and cooking aubergines, to building a wormery and creating natural art. Participants and their families have reported improvements in wellbeing from attending sessions. The project has harnessed the therapeutic benefits of the natural environment as well as showing people how to grow their own healthy free food, strengthening community bonds, and providing useful life skills. There have been improvements to café and hospital sites with staff commenting on benefiting staff working environments. The project has been commissioned for a second year in 2018/19 by Heywood. Rochdale and Middleton CCG and is being delivered in partnership with Pennine Care NHS Trust and Link 4 Life.
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A horticultural and environmental therapy programme for young people in Rochdale.
The project is part of #Thrive, a part of the NHS Healthy Young Minds mental health service, focused on early intervention in children aged 0 – 19 years in the borough of Rochdale.
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Mark Wood, Health Young Minds Senior Mental Health Lead, Pennine Care Trust.
Brilliant sessions, Sow the City were amazing and the kids seemed very much engaged.
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