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Food deserts and food swamps
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Combining GIS technology, fieldwork and national databases - Sow the City are developing maps for the Manchester area to reveal sites of potential food poverty. 
The project is backed by Greater Manchester Mental Health Foundation’s Achieve Asset Fund, promoting recovery through social and educational training activities and support.
Food poverty is defined as the inability to access healthy and affordable food. This may be due to limited household income; a lack of knowledge, skills and cooking equipment or space; or may be because food choice and availability is restricted. Sow the City have been commissioned by Manchester City Council to investigate food poverty across the city by mapping availability of fresh fruit and vegetable retailers in relation to Indices of Multiple Deprivation. We also be speaking to retailers and community leaders to understand local factors. Food poverty and poor diet can have severe health consequences, leading to poor physical health - heart disease, stokes, and type 2 diabetes, and can also impact mental health and development. Our research will contribute to policy change and strategic intervention, providing recommendations of where and how to provide resources to tackle food poverty and inequality. Access our interactive Manchester Food Poverty Maps by downloading files here and following instructions in the READ ME file. 
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