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   Sow the City have experience of working with disengaged    residents including those who are long term unemployed,    socially isolated or who may be living in socially and    economically deprived neighbourhoods. We run one off    workshops and events within local community areas and    engage in strategic work to improve community health and    wellbeing. Our projects encourage community members to take collective action, to grow food together and to improve the quality of life in their local area. Accredited food growing, practical and cookery workshops help residents to save money, eat more healthily and encourage them to make positive environmental changes. Food growing and environmental projects develop skills, provide volunteering opportunities and boost employment. Sow the City can provide consultancy and research identifying food growing sites, conducting feasibility studies or assisting with food policy work. We can submit joint funding applications to help access voluntary sector funding that isn’t available to local authorities. We can help to organise events and promotional activities which reach larger numbers of community members.
group of people in community garden manchester
Councillor Joanna Midgley
The benefits to health and wellbeing are plain to see and I have heard a lot of very positive feedback about their work
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We have developed great working relationships with many local authorities in the Greater Manchester. Sow the City delivers efficient and cost effective projects that strengthen the local economy, provide health benefits to residents and help to make neighbourhoods cleaner and greener.
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