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Katherine Whittaker, North of England Adviser, Growing Together
It’s been great to work with you in Manchester and I certainly don’t think we would have connected with the groups we did without your support.
We worked with Growing Together to help community food projects become more sustainable and less reliant on external funding. 
Growing Together was a lottery funded project that provided income inspiration for community growers. Their vision was for all community growing groups in the UK to have the skills, knowledge and opportunities they need to create a financially sustainable future for themselves.
In 2015, we approached Growing Together to see how we could work to help support a number of community groups in Greater Manchester. We wanted to help these groups become more self-sustainable and less reliant on grant funding.   We offered a series of seminars to guide small to medium community growing groups through the development of robust business plans. Each session brought key individuals from up to ten groups together to share ideas and use action learning techniques to build business plans specific to their needs. Since then we have worked with Growing Together to provide consultancy advice and training for Dutch Farm in Liverpool, to improve their social media presence and corporate communications.
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