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girl feeds chickens as part of school food growing project
Claire Elliot, Teacher, The Willows Primary School
I just wanted to thank you for Wednesday morning.  I really enjoyed it, and all the feedback I have had from parents and children has been overwhelmingly positive.
Sow the City was invited to deliver a national pilot as part of the Growing Schools programme, offering advice and training to schools in Greater Manchester. We delivered workshops to 40 schools across Greater Manchester.
Growing Schools (now ‘Countryside Classroom’) is a Federation of City Farms and Community Gardens project supporting teachers and practitioners in using the outdoor classroom. Sow the City teamed up with Manchester Environmental Education Network and Hulme Community Garden centre to deliver: 40 visits to school grounds to find suitable growing sites Practical construction sessions (e.g. building raised beds with children or parents) Introduction to fruit and vegetable growing training courses for children or teachers Sessions with teachers to develop a maintenance plan for the gardens Practical cookery and nutrition sessions linking growing your own food with cooking Educational programmes directly linked to the curriculum This pilot programme helped schools across Greater Manchester set up and develop their food growing projects. Many of the schools are still growing and building on the work that was undertaken.
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