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Green roofs are a brilliant opportunity to introduce greenspace into urban areas, and provide a wide range of benefits for new and existing buildings, as well as the people and wildlife around them.
A green roof is a roof that has been covered intentionally with vegetation. Green roofs provide benefits to wildlife, decrease surface run off, help to cool cities, insulate building heat and noise and they look great too. From smaller projects on sheds and existing rooftops, to a large growing space on top of the historic Printworks building in central Manchester, we have experience of creating thriving green roofs.  We supply many different vegetation layers ranging from fully established blankets (wildflowers or grasses) that roll out like turf, to plug plants, and seeds. We design green roofs including waterproofing, drainage structural considerations, building control requirements and health of safety. We will work with you to develop the most suitable and sustainable green roof for your needs and select plants and materials best suited to your specific environment. Our social enterprise are experienced in running volunteer sessions building and planting the roof if required. We are able to provide a maintenance programme to care for your green roof. Our green roofs are designed and built using the GRO Green Roof Code 2014.
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