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Sow the City invented the carbon supermarket in 2021 for the sustainable food area at Manchester Science Festival. We have used it as an engagement tool at a variety of events and workshops ever since
The carbon supermarket consists of a specially adapted shopping till that provides a cost in carbon instead of pounds. Shoppers are challenged to get a daily shop in under a set number of ‘points’ or grams of CO2). The carbon supermarket was developed using the idea of personal carbon budgets. In the UK our average carbon budget is 11 tonnes CO2 per year. Meat, cheese and eggs have the highest carbon footprint. Fruit, vegetables, beans and nuts have much lower carbon footprints. (including emissions from growing, transport, packaging, processing, retail) Some of the products in the ‘supermarket’ are local, some from abroad. Some have a much higher carbon footprint (e.g. grown in heated glasshouses) other much lower. Everyone that uses the till is handed a receipt with the calculated carbon footprint of their shop. If this amount is bigger than your carbon budget, have another go!  
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I am suprised at how high the carbon footprint of dairy products are - particularly that cheese has a larger carbon footprint than meat or fish! 
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