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The Green Future Ladybarn Primary School is a bustling school within the heart of an urban community in South Manchester with pupils from a wide range of backgrounds. The weekly gardening club brings all of the students together in a fun, engaging and educational project. We feel passionately about educating children from an early age about food growing and the environment. Our varied workshops are fun and provide essential practical skills for life and future employment. We also help meet curriculum targets for science, geography, art, and maths.
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Sandra Flynn, Business Manager, Ladybarn Primary School
We have used the services of Sow the City since June 2011. They have engaged staff, children and parents alike in all their work in a friendly but professional manner.
Teaching children about growing food not only strengthens their interest in the environment but can help inspire a sustainable mind set as they develop into the next generation. Getting children interested in nature, showing them where food comes from and encouraging them to get their hands dirty are essential aims of our involvement. 
Sow the City has worked with the students and teachers at Ladybarn Primary School running a weekly ‘gardening club’ as well as helping the school to create a stimulating and engaging environment through our landscaping services.
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