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Hydroponics is a way of growing plants without soil and is a great option for producing edible produce in compact urban environments.   
We provide ideas and direction for the best hydroponic solution for your location. Our modular units mean they can be stacked and designed to fit any space. We advise on a range of materials to create interesting or unique hydoponics systems. We offer a range of technology options including aeroponics and aquaponics. We install and build your hydroponics sytem on site and can integrate sensors to monitor pH, temperature, flow and nutrient levels. We deliver training for staff or community members to show them how to operate the hydroponics system. All systems are water efficient, using up to 90% less water than conventional gardens. We can also integrate renewable energy technology into the system to provide off grid electricity for the pumps and sensors.
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Sow the City is a CIC registered in England company no. 6872177
Sow the City brings expertise in water and electricity efficient automated hydroponics systems to help you grow a wide variety of tasty vegetables and micro- greens. We will design and construct hydroponics systems to fit your rooftop, balcony or outdoor space.
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