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Here are some of the ways we can help: Initiation and development of community garden projects that transform unused land. Accredited food growing and cooking workshops that help people save money, eat healthy and encourage them to make positive environmental changes. Engaging community events with educational and fun activities. Innovative ways to engage with the wider community including doorstep engagement, social media and social marketing. A proven track record of securing funding for projects. Group volunteering opportunities for residents. Partnership projects with local residents’ groups. Measurement of the social impact of community investment using HACT Wellbeing Valuation. Throughout our experience of working with housing providers, we know our programmes offer extensive on-going benefits for communities as well as making a positive impact on the wider environment.
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At Sow the City, we have seen the positive impact that food growing programmes have on local communities and we love getting involved in neighbourhood projects. We encourage residents and tenants to come together to grow healthy food, helping them save money, learn new skills and develop as a community.
We run one off workshops and events as well as larger strategic programmes, such as food growing projects involving the co-ordination of local champions and the involvement of multiple partners across your housing area.
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Karen Mitchell, Chief Executive, Southway Housing Trust
I was very impressed with the project and am keen to look at ways in which we can build on it next year.
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