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Here are some of the ways we can help:
Workshop attendee
A fantastic and inspirational talk. Really encouraging for voluntary groups to see what is possible without public funding.
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Sow the City has a great record of securing funding from national, regional, Lottery and local funding sources. We provide advice and support to organisations that want to apply for funding and we can also partner up with organisations that want to enhance their bid.
We have an up to date register of funding sources related to environmental, health and community sector grants and we work with community groups to help them find suitable funding for their project.
Our experienced staff can support you through the funding process from project creation to submission of the application. We bring excellent knowledge of project innovation and best practice in the environmental, health and community sectors. We offer assistance to liaise with funders, as well as internal and external project partners. We run community and stakeholder consultation to support funding applications. We have an excellent network of voluntary and public sector contacts in Greater Manchester that will help strengthen your application. We can help with writing applications including preparing project schedules, site plans, flow charts, detailed budgets, and visual representations. For some projects there is the option to apply with Sow the City as another partner to increase access to funding options – this is relevant for larger organisations or those that are ineligible for voluntary sector funding.
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