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Background Hydroponics is not rocket science – oh wait, it is! NASA has been using hydroponics to grow food in space, as it is a resourceful and energy efficient way of growing plants without soil. Instead, plants are grown with their roots in an inert material (such as perlite) with a nutrient rich solution flowing past them. Hydroponics systems are an option for future growing methods, particularly in small urban spaces where there is limited access to soil. The project For the Allotment of the Future, Sow the City designed a hydroponics system using PVC piping that could be easily adapted and installed in any backyard or balcony space. We have used Nutrient Film Technology (NFT) where a shallow stream of nutrient passes through the PVC pipe and is absorbed by the roots of the plants. The system uses energy generated by a solar panel that powers the pump to move the stream of nutrients past the plants. It is 100% organic with the plants being fed with a seaweed and comfrey based fertiliser.
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To celebrate Manchester as the first UK city designated as European City of Science, we have developed an innovative hydroponics system for the Allotment of the Future installation. Come and see it from 22nd to 29th July in St Anne’s Square in Manchester.
The hydroponics system is designed to showcase how plants can be grown without soil, a method that can be easily replicated by visitors at home.
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