Hello, we’re Sow the City. We want to build a healthier city where everyone can grow their own food. Somewhere that’s full of beans. The kind of city you want to live in.  Growing food in cities makes a lot of sense. Gardens, allotments, patios, rooftops and window-ledges have the potential to provide us with an abundance of free and nutritious food. What’s more, food grown in urban environments can help reduce food transportation, create jobs, and strengthen communities. We all have food in common – we eat it, crave it, and dream about it. So let’s celebrate and grow it. Sow the City is an award winning social enterprise based in Manchester. Established in 2009 with a few packets of seeds and some compost, we’re now the leading specialist food-growing company in the city.
Who we are
What we do
“The benefits to health and well being are plain to see and I have heard a lot of very positive feedback from local residents about the programme” (Councillor Joanna Midgley - talking about the Growing Communities Programme)
“They engaged staff, children and parents alike in all the work in friendly but professional manner” (Sandra Flynn, Business Manager, Ladybarn Primary School)